What is Tayammum?

Tayammum is a dry ritual purification that can be done in place of Wudu or even ghusl. Of course with the valid excuse or scenario.

When can Tayammun be performed?

What can you use for Tayammum?

Things like intercourse and orgasms must have a special type of clensing called Ghusl.

How to perform Tayammum?

  1. Make an intention to remove the state of ritual impurity
  2. Strike the earth once and wipe the face completely with dust (or whatever substance you are using).
  3. Strike the earth a second time and wipe the hands up to the and inclduing the elbows completely.

After performing tayammum you become pure no matter your state of impurity prior. You remain pure and can perform prayers until your purification is nullified or performing normal wudu or ghusl becomes available.