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Bao Nguyen

Revert Q&A

All the evidences in the Quran. There are so many that I can't count.

I became a Muslim in November 2018.

When I became Muslim I was so excited to experienced Ramadan. It was great.

It doesn’t change my life. I just implement Islam in my life. The only change was my food and inventing the prayer in my work life.

First I were Christian due to my grandma. After she died my parents taught me taosim. A well known religion in Vietnam beside Buddhism.

My parents insulted and yelled at me. They don’t want me to fast. They threw all islamic books away. It wasn’t easy.

We need more halal restaurants. 🥲

No matter how hard Life will hit you, if you believe in Allah there’s nobody who can break you.

The majority of my friends are Muslim, so on Ramadan 2018 they invited me to iftar. After iftar they went to a Islamic lecture. I asked to go with them because I was always interested in the meaning of life. So we went there every week. They showed me the evidences and then there was a point where I have told myself that Islam is the truth. They are telling me the truth. A voice in my head told me to not convert now. Do it later when you are old. I realized it was the shaytan. So on evening I was out with my friend and met some other Muslims. They talked to me and said, "You already know the evidences and everything about Islam. You are already Muslim in your heart. Imagine youre dying tomorrow. Then it’s too late. Just speak right after me.", and then I took my shahada. 4 years later I am happily married with a righteous woman. Alhamdulillah may good give us the hidayah.