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Revert Q&A

There isn't only one answer to this question but let's say that since I first started looking into Islam and reading the Quran, I felt a magnetic attachment to everything regarding this religion and soon I found myself in love with it but most importantly I started feeling more and more love for Allah swt alhamdulillah.

Friday, April 9th 2021, a year after I bought my first Quran. I wanted to take my shahada on the last jumu'ah before my first Ramadan. Alhamdulillah/p>

It was the greatest time of my life! I felt so good, and I was so much into my deen! I spent time looking more and more into Islam and I started praying every day, without ever skipping one prayer! I felt so blessed and even physically I felt better then I have ever been!

Becoming Muslim changed everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. My life before Islam is so far away from the one I'm living nowadays. My actions have changed, My thoughts have changed, My addictions are gone, My friends have changed. I was afraid to loose everything before reverting but today I can see clearly that the life I used to live was miserable, I was sad, I would always suppress my emotions in bad bad addictions and bad friendships. Today the ones who had to stay stayed by my side even tho I'm a complete different person and, even tho becoming muslim forced me to face my hardest/saddest traumas, I feel much much happier. Alhamdulillah, everyday I say Alhamdulillah.

I was born into a non-practicing italian christian catholic family but then I distanced myself from them and became atheist.

My family wasn't happy at all nor supporting, this is mainly because of the bad prejudices in Italy and also the news who always portray muslims as terror1sts etc... but with time even tho they still don't understand, they are trying to not judge me! inshAllah they will find Islam too

Mainly my family who didn't accept me and gave me a hard time, but I prayed to Allah to help me everyday and things are getting better. Another thing I find hard, especially in a little town in Italy like mine, is wearing hijab. I still rely a lot on turbans, but this is still an achievement considering I thought I was impossible to cover up modestly in my town, so I pray to find the strength to wear hijab without caring about others opinions and without feeling the urge to wear revealing clothes to be accepted.

TRUST ALLAH. Sometimes I felt like everything was impossible, that I couldn't do anything. Sometimes I couldn't pray, sometimes I didn't feel like covering up... Islam is journey and as in any other journey there are ups and downs, and your "down moments" don't mean that your are a bad muslim!!! intention is the most important thing! Pray to Allah and everything will be okay without you even noticing. Allah knows what is in your heart. Trust Allah swt!

I always hated how italians portray muslims in the news, so since I first had my facebook account (I was around 11/12) I always defended muslims and I always tried to look into this religion as much as I could. Still I soon decided that I was a firm atheist and only in 2020 things changed. I was 18 and I met a non practicing muslim, we started hanging out a lot and I wondered why a non practicing muslim would still be so attached to what he called God. So I decided to buy an italian Quran to hopefully understand this "bond" better and I even thought to myself that I was sure I could find scientific proofs against what that "book" would say (astagfirulla). Obviously things didn't go as planned, alhamdulillah. On the first days of July, I opened a random page: the end of surah Saba and subhanAllah, I felt like that page was talking to me. I believe it was maktub, I had to open THAT page. So I started reading Quran every single day, I felt a magnetic attachment to it, I couldn't stop. I started looking more and more into Islam and it was my only and main interest for months. In September 2020 I started my last year of High school and I was a complete different person, people didn't recognize me anymore, I lost many many friends, and I started calling myself Muslim. Around November I learnt how to pray and felt so happy doing it. Keep in mind I still didn't have no practicing Muslim friends. I started being more and more modest, I quit smoking, drinking and doing everything I used to do before that caused harm to myself. On April 9th 2021 I took my shahada in the nearest mosque and I prayed my first Jumu'ah prayer... The mosque made me feel at peace wAllah... I started following more and more muslim creators to feel less "alone" and in June I met what I consider my bestfriend, Sara, she encourages me everyday to become a better muslim and better version of my self, Barack Allahu fik. On November 2021 I put on hijab, today I know I still have a long way to go but I couldn't be happier. Alhamdulillah for everything