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Zachariah Keysa

Influential People in Islam Q&A

I was born in Hargeysa, Somaliland and moved to London, England as an infant and yes I speak my native language very well :)

The verse of Light (Surah An-Nur v.35). Allah (swt) describing His light in His own words, SubhanAllah.

The peace and tranquility I feel moment to moment in life, even in the face of difficulties.

A few weeks back I was watching a video on youtube called: Allah rewards you for your doubts if… by Omar Suleiman. It’s around 5 minutes long and wallahi it’s one of the greatest pieces of content that I’ve ever watched. You’ll understand why I haven’t answered this question when you watch that video.

The sense of anger mixed with heartache I feel for those who disbelieve in Allah (swt), especially when the disbelievers are family members, friends, colleagues and/or neighbours.

No particular incident comes to mind to be honest, alhamdulillah.

I heard this verse the other day and had to stop what I was doing so I could sit down and contemplate. Allah (swt) said in Surah Al-An’ām v.44 - So when they forgot that by which they had been reminded, We opened to them the doors of every good thing until, when they rejoiced in that which they were given, We seized them suddenly, and they were then in despair.

In early 2022 I created an account on Instagram/TikTok called @QuiztheUmmah. Other than that, I’m an ordinary man who has lived an ordinary life. Maybe in 5 years I’ll have something a little more interesting to say about myself, InshaAllah.